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For your elevator to function at its best, follow these recommended maintenance tips:


  • Keep the machine room between 60°F and 89°F.

  • Perform daily inspections. Vandalism is a major cause of elevator repairs.

  • Replace burnt out cab lights as part of your regular maintenance routine, since this is not included in your contract.

  • Clean the hall door, car tracks, and light ray unit to avoid many nuisance calls.

  • Tap stuck buttons lightly and/or remove wedged items to help free them. Never try to correct the problem with tools.

  • Avoid using cleaners on buttons to prevent internal corrosion.

  • Paint door frames carefully since sticking paint can cause the rubber door stops to pull out or become dislodged. A layer of Vaseline on the stops may help.

  • Keep written records of elevator issues to help explain the problem to your mechanic and speed up troubleshooting.

  • Keep track of burnt-out bulbs for indicators and push buttons to ensure they are replaced in the next maintenance visit.

  • Ensure there is no water in the air conditioner drip tray.

  • Maintain a stable building pressure by keeping exterior doors closed.

  • Call for fire safety tests ahead of time when hoistway access is required.

  • Call for spills in an elevator or hoistway.

  • Do not change elevator finishes before contacting your elevator contractor.

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