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Elevator Modernization




Elevator Modernization IL | Chicago IL Elevator Modernization

EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY of Chicago Illinois makes the modernization process of your elevators Easy!  Our team is among the highest trained in the industry and will personally work with you to achieve your modernization goals by providing expertise and superior modernization techniques. With attention to every detail, we help you consider aesthetics, cost effectiveness and serviceability. We provide complete non-propriety systems and parts to choose from and coordinate planning to assure a successful project.  We can replace inefficient motors and controls with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and/or do a complete interior cab renovation.


Modernizing makes an elevator safer, more efficient and more attractive to those who ride in it. As a result of your modernization efforts, the elevator gains a more modern image and inherently also gains more value. The riders’ experience improves as well- through reduced waiting time, better comfort and improved reliability — all leading to increased confidence and greater peace of mind for one of the most critical components in your buildings day-to-day operation.  East Elevator offers elevator modernization services in and around the Chicago area.

A Reputation you can Trust

Our outstanding reputation in the industry is unmatched as we specialize in building longstanding relationships with excellent customer service. We specialize in elevator modernizations ranging from low-rise hydraulic systems to high-rise geared and gearless traction applications. Whether you require just simple fixture and cab interior upgrades or entire elevator systems we cover it all! EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY of Chicago Illinois focuses on eco-friendly (green) products, and on decreasing energy consumption to reduce building operating expenses.

Why Modernize My Elevator?

Though a well-maintained elevator may last 20 or more years, eventually you will need to upgrade your major components or completely modernize your device. With careful planning, modernizing your elevator can be a strategic capital investment instead of an emergency situation.

Benefits of Elevator Modernization:
  • Improved efficiency, reliability & safety 

  • Lower cost of ownership and maintenance 

  • Enhance your building’s market value 

  • Make older buildings competitive & relevant

  • Increase tenant satisfaction

  • Improve occupancy and increase leasing rates

  • Comply with the ADA and handicap codes

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Enhanced sustainability

  • Simple upgrades to extensive replacements

  • Solutions available for every budget​

Modernization Considerations:
  • Is your elevator near or beyond its expected life? Most elevators that were built before 1980 have many safety systems missing, such as protection devices, redundancy circuits, lock monitoring capability, and fire service systems.

  • Does your elevator meet current  safety and fire codes?

  • Does the reliability of the device and the consequence of failure pose an unacceptable safety and liability risk?


Efficiency of Operations
  • Is it getting difficult or expensive to find spare parts for your device? Or is it hard to find technicians who can properly repair and maintain it?
  • Has the number and expense of service calls increased?

  • Is the performance of your unit unacceptable? 

  • Is your controller technology out of date? Upgrading from a relay-logic system to a computerized controller can decrease wait times by 10-15%.

  • Will upgrading to a newer elevator significantly reduce your energy costs?

  • Will the short-term costs to refurbish parts exceed the life cycle cost of complete replacement?

  • Are repairs becoming costly?

Tenant Satisfaction and Safety
  • Does the condition of your elevator deter potential tenants from moving into your building?
  • Are tenants frustrated by the length of time they wait for an elevator, or by the frequency of break-downs, causing them to consider relocating?

  • Are elevator malfunctions causing potential safety issues?


An experienced East Elevator technician can perform a complete pre-modernization evaluation of your unit to determine if it’s time to upgrade your components or plan for a complete modernization.  We can assess the condition of your components and systems. And we can measure things like how long your tenants are waiting for elevators.

Benefits of choosing East Elevator’s for your Elevator Modernization:

EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY of Chicago Illinois can modernize your elevators to meet your specific needs. When you choose EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY for your elevator modernization you can expect:


  • Cost savings advantage by using the best in open market and non-proprietary technology

  • Proficient project management minimizing downtime and disruption

  • Effective client communication with project managers

  • Cost-effective modernization

  • Shortened lead times





East Elevator Company, Inc. Provides the highest quality Elevator modernization in Chicago, Servicing Chicago and Chicago suburban communities including but not limited to Northbrook, Oak Brook, Schaumburg, Itasca, Naperville and Barrington.


As elevator modernization specialists, East Elevator of Chicago can do a free inspection to determine the best way to modernize your elevator.  Call us to today to schedule a free consultation.





Chicago Elevator Maintenance Programs and Preventative Service

Preventative maintenance is essential to any form of machinery. Elevators are complicated electrical and mechanical pieces of equipment so the maintenance programs we design are specific, precise and reliable.  EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY provides comprehensive periodic service including cleaning, lubricating, and replacement of components as necessary to ensure safe and reliable elevator performance. We offer basic and tailored maintenance programs.  Our interval maintenance visits are scheduled to minimize the impact on your tenants, and strive to prevent shut downs and costly repairs.


The East Elevator team has only “best in class” technicians, fully dedicated to their craft. Our team of technicians set the industry standard with unparalleled technical expertise, laser focused attention to detail, and superior customer service.


We here at EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY are dedicated to being the best elevator company in Chicago by performing services on a regular, consistent basis BEFORE issues arise…not overloading our routes with too many units…not reducing time frames for actual service!  Our goal is to extend the useful life of all the equipment we maintain and to communicate openly and honestly with our customers.

The Benefits of Monthly Elevator Maintenance:
  • Extends equipment life and reduces liability

  • Prevent costly repairs and violations

  • Lower building operating expenses

  • Reduce callbacks and downtimes

  • Dependable and reliable service

  • Maintain peak performance

  • Flexible, customized maintenance plans

East Elevator provides the most experienced, trustworthy and highest quality elevator maintenance in Chicago and the surrounding area. 


Contact EAST ELEVATOR COMPANY for a free individual consultation about your unique elevator maintenance needs.

Elevator Service


Service &


Elevator Installations


Chicago Elevator Repair

Whether you have a residential building, commercial office building or factory, or a retail building, when you rely on elevators to safely transport people or merchandise throughout your building, an unexpected repair issue can cause major problems. 


East Elevator service and repair and has experienced technicians to get you back up and running in no time.  Our elevator technicians are thoroughly trained with the expertise to repair and service any make of elevator equipment. They also have the talent required to make complex on-site repairs.  Our excellent customer service and years of experience has led us to be one of the top elevator repair companies in the Chicago area.  


Locally owned and operated, we strive to be the highest rated elevator company in the Chicago area by providing timely, trustworthy and professional service.

Our Technicians are the best in the industry:
  • Trained and experienced technicians ready at a moments notice

  • Strong record of safety and customer satisfaction

  • Quick resolutions to get equipment running at optimum performance

  • Same-day response time

  • Vast supplier network for quicker turnaround

  • Emergency response teams for critical situations 24/7

  • Signatory company with the IUEC local 2 (International Union of Elevator Contractors) 

Our capabilities cover all types of elevator equipment and repairs ranging from:
  • Motor replacement

  • Governors

  • Controls and Fixtures

  • Rail Adjustments

  • Machines and Hoist Ropes

  • Jacks and Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Power Unit Replacement

  • Doors and Related Hardware

  • Controls and Signal Fixtures 

  • Main Valve replacement

  • Inspection Violation repairs

  • Cab and Cab Interiors Cosmetic Upgrades

  • Hydraulic pressure leaks in oil lines.

24 hour Emergency Repair:

It is essential for any building to have its elevator provider be on call in case of emergency shut downs, entrapments, or obstructions. We provide our customers a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency call back service with prompt response time. Our experienced and knowledgeable certified technicians are always available to respond to your needs and will have you back in service as soon as possible.   Our existing customer can call our 24/7 emergency service at 312-373-1544

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