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Frequently Asked Questions

about elevators:

We have the answers to your questions about commercial elevators.

1. What is elevator modernization?

Modernizing your elevator means updating your elevator on the inside or outside; whether it be the controls, doors or the interior, to help maintain its youthfulness and reliability.

As modernization specialists, East Elevator of Chicago can do a free inspection to determine the best way to modernize your elevator. Call today for advice on what you should do with your equipment.

2. How long will an elevator run before requiring a modernization?

The expected life of an elevator depends on equipment design, environmental factors, level of usage, and proper maintenance of the equipment. With a quality preventative maintenance program in place, most elevators will last about 20 years before a major upgrade is required.  A free evaluation by East Elevator can help to determine if you are in need of upgrades or a full elevator modernization.

3. How long does it take to modernize an elevator?

The length of time an elevator is out of service due to a modernization depends on the type of drive configuration, the extent of the equipment and finishes being replaced, as well as the number of floors.

 If you are considering elevator modernization contact East Elevator today for a free evaluation and visual inspection of the elevators.  

4. What can I do to extend the life of my elevator?

Some amount of general wear cannot be prevented, but with careful maintenance and replacement of worn components, the need for a full modernization can often be delayed. This allows time for the expenditure to be incorporated in your normal capital planning cycle. East Elevator can provide equipment evaluations to help assess a unit's expected life and possible repairs to extend it as well as provide a plan for full modernization which is our specialty. See also our maintenance Tips. 

5. What is the cost of elevator modernization?

The cost of an elevator modernization can range greatly depending on which type of equipment is to be installed and whether you need a full modernization or just an upgrade of major components. Another factor that influences the cost of elevator modernization is the aesthetic needs of the cab interior and exterior doors and surrounding area.  East Elevator continues to be a leader in modernization in the elevator industry.   East Elevator can do a free on-site analysis of your current elevators to help determine what might fit your needs best from a design, technical and aesthetic perspective. East elevators specialize in elevator modernization. Click here to learn more.

6. Who are the best elevator modernization companies near me?

Elevator modernization is an important investment, so you want to make sure the company you hire is both reputable and qualified to handle the job.  East Elevator continues to be a leader in modernization in the elevator industry.  We prepare our modernization specifications based upon a comprehensive visual examination of the elevator equipment in a building or project. We ensure that all equipment is non-proprietary, and that the scope of work meets the needs of the building.  Click here to learn more.

7. Who are the best elevator service companies near me?

The best elevator service companies are the ones that put the customers needs first.  East Elevator is dedicated to delivering superior service using the latest technology at a reasonable price.  With East Elevator, we pride ourselves on delivering honesty, quality and reliability. Learn more here, or Call us 

8. How frequently should I schedule maintenance for my elevator?

The recommended maintenance frequency depends on the type of unit and how often it is used. For normal usage levels, monthly scheduled maintenance is typical.  Contact East Elevators of Chicago for a free elevator maintenance evaluation.

9. What repairs or work can I do myself on my elevator?

You may change light bulbs, but not light fixtures, flooring, wall panels and ceiling without the supervision of a licensed elevator mechanic or technician.  You should clean your elevator regularly, but do not use or transport a floor scrubber in an elevator if it weighs more than a quarter of the capacity of the elevator.  East Elevator is a licensed and insured elevator contractor serving the greater Chicago area.  See our Maintenance Tips page.

10. Who are the best elevator repair companies near me?

When you’re looking for an elevator repair company speed, quality and honesty are critical.  You can’t trust the safety and needs of your tenants to just anyone.  East Elevator provides the highest quality elevator repair services in the industry. We are the leading independent elevator repair provider in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our elevator technicians are thoroughly trained with the expertise to service any make of elevator equipment. Our excellent customer service and years of experience has led us to be the top elevator repair service in Chicago and the Chicago suburban area. Click here to learn more.

11. Who are the best elevator maintenance companies near me?

Done right, regular maintenance can improve your elevators efficiency and extend the life of your elevator equipment.  The East Elevator team has only “best in class” elevator technicians, fully dedicated to their craft. Our team of technicians set the industry standard with unparalleled technical expertise, laser focused attention to detail, and superior customer service.  Plus, we offer custom plans that suit your needs.  East Elevator is ready to serve you...the customer.  Click here to learn more.

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